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What is the UNIVERSEH-eTandem?

In the UNIVERSEH-eTandem partnership, two students from different partner universities with different first languages will work together using digital media to improve their language skills in English, French, German, Polish or Swedish. UNIVERSEH-eTandem learning is an autonomous learning method, in which both partners take responsibility for their own language learning.

The partners define their learning goals, contents, and schedule. It is not about formal teaching, but rather an informal language exchange where you can decide on methods and forms of learning. UNIVERSEH-eTandem is the perfect complement to more formal language classes and an attractive way to learn about your partner’s cultural background. However, the participants should be aware that the sessions need to be well prepared and should take place on a regular basis so that partners can gain maximum benefit from their learning.

You learn when and where you want using digital media.
You adapt your learning to your own needs and interests.
You make your learning dynamic, autonomous and flexible.
You get to know a new person and his/her culture.

UNIVERSEH-eTandem is also an excellent preparation for a stay at a partner university! If you are planning an academic exchange or an internship, the UNIVERSEH-eTandem Program gives you the opportunity to make connections beforehand.

How can I apply?

The UNIVERSEH-eTandem program is open to all students at the UNIVERSEH-Partner-Universities.

Registration is easy and can be made any time during term. It will remain active during the current term.

When we receive your registration, you are placed in a queue. As soon as we have found a partner for you, we will contact you by email. Please note that our service is dependent on supply and demand. Once matched, the learning partners are free to organize the details of their language learning process.

1. Fill out our Online enrollment form.
2. Our office matches you with a suitable partner according to your profile.
3. You receive the e-mail address of you eTandem partner.
4. You make the first contact and organize regular eTandem sessions.

You do not have to take one of our UNIVERSH language courses or a course at a university Language Center to sign up for an eTandem partnership.
Your application will remain valid until we have been able to find a partner for you. It is therefore important that you cancel your application by if you are no longer interested in a partnership.

Contact and support

During the learning process, the UNIVERSEH-eTandem office provides specifically designed information, learning materials as well as individual guidance.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question: