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KUBUS Module for practical and professional orientation

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities face a particular challenge when it comes to starting a career, as they are studying subjects that do not qualify them for a specific professional field. Help with orientation in the broad field of career opportunities is offered by the KUBUS module.

The individual events take place in cooperation with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit  and professional practitioners from the relevant professional fields.

Structure and scope of the module

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities complete three seminars of 2 SWS each, which are credited with 6 CP in the profile formation. The KUBUS module can be studied and completed over several semesters and consists of the following components:

Practical field seminar

Get to know the employment opportunities for humanities scholars, cultural scientists and social scientists. Speakers from the relevant fields will present their careers, talk about their everyday lives and outline possible career paths. You will meet people from science, culture, business, media and society. The seminar takes place every semester during the lecture period.

Practical seminar

Each semester, KUBUS offers a wide range of workshops that teach essential soft skills as well as career-specific qualifications. These are three-day events lasting two semester hours per week (SWS).

Optional area

In the optional area, you can choose from several options and successfully complete your participation in the KUBUS programme. In addition to a second workshop, you can either attend a practical forum or strategy seminar or complete an internship.

To successfully complete the KUBUS module for students of the Faculty of arts and humanities, you must attend all courses. You will then receive a certificate and six credit points that can be recognised in the Profilbildung.

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