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Digital Skills Module

All future skills, but in particular digital skills, are becoming increasingly important in studies and careers.

The new Digital-Skills-Module is therefore designed for all HHU students in the Studium Universale degree programme and covers important skills for better understanding complex technological processes and being able to use digital media more effectively.

Structure and scope of the module

A) Introduction

In the introductory seminar (2 SWS) you will get to know all the main offers within the HHU in the context of generic digital competences in a practice-oriented way.

The course will be held via Webex and you will need the appropriate hardware and software.

B) In-depth study

The other module assignments can be freely combined in the form of three-day seminars (2 SWS) from the current programme and can be differentiated according to thematic components:

(B1) Methodological competences
(B2) Technological competences
(B3) Legal competences

Certification and crediting of the module

As the crediting of the module is subject to specific regulations in the respective degree programmes, please refer to the information in your examination regulations or contact your academic advisor if you are unsure.

After successfully completing the module, you will receive a certificate for your records, which you can use for job applications, among other things.

Please contact the Studierendenakademie office in person or by e-mail.


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