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Career Counselling and Coaching

We advise students and graduates of HHU on all questions relating to orientation on the labour market, applications, career planning and career entry as well as doubts about studying. To this end, we offer a comprehensive, psychologically sound counselling service. In addition to practising (digital) job interviews and checking application documents and digital profiles, we also offer career entry coaching and individual career counselling.

Individual Advice

You are welcome to come to one of our open consultation hours for a personal consultation. Irrespective of this, you can of course also arrange an individual appointment with us ().

Wed. 13.00 – 15.00
Thu. 10.00 – 12.00

in the foyer of the Studierenden Service Center (SSC)

Project "move!" consultation hour of the Agentur für Arbeit: 

Tue. / Thu. 10.00 – 12.00
Tue. / Thu. 13.00 – 16.00

in the foyer of the Studierenden Service Center (SSC)

Offers - From study to career

In addition to our career-oriented workshops in the HIS-LSF online course catalogue, we offer students a wide range of personal support on their career path.

Career Planning

The career planning counselling service is aimed at HHU students and graduates who are unsure about which professional fields are open to them after graduation and how they can get started in them.

During the counselling session, the knowledge and skills that those seeking advice bring with them from their studies and other areas are first determined. Based on this, our counsellors work with those seeking advice to develop a skills profile for them and reflect on which jobs and employers this is suitable for. Finally, our counsellors work with the jobseekers to develop a plan to help them get started in the identified positions and/or with the identified employers.

Career Entry Coaching

Career Entry Coaching is aimed at students and graduates of HHU who already know where they want to go professionally, but are unsure how they can succeed in entering their desired career field.

During the counselling session, those seeking advice first learn more about the typical selection processes in their desired fields of work. They then work with our counsellors to find suitable job offers, apply for them and prepare specifically for the selection processes.

Interview Training

The Interview Training is a realistic simulation of a job interview with subsequent feedback. The programme is aimed at students and graduates who have received an invitation to an interview with an employer.

This gives you the opportunity to experience the situation of a job interview in a protected setting and to receive specific feedback on good and improvable aspects of your behaviour during the interview.

Appointments for interview training must be arranged individually with our counsellors in advance. Usually about 60 minutes are needed for the interview and feedback (also digitally).

Application Portfolio Check

During the Application Portfolio Check, we review your cover letter, CV and references and provide detailed and constructive suggestions for changes and improvements.

Students and graduates who wish to take advantage of this offer should provide the counsellors with their complete documents and the job advertisement for the position for which the application was written in advance. This enables our counsellors to work more effectively and to check the match between the job advertisement and the application documents.

Counselling in Case of Study Doubts – Project "move!"

Students who have doubts about their subject or their studies in general can reflect together with our advisors on where their doubts come from, what options there are to counter them and how a reorientation can succeed if necessary.

If you are considering or have already decided to "switch" from studying to an apprenticeship, we offer you individual counselling and coaching.

We support you in your:

» Decision-making - study or another training programme?
» Professional reorientation - what suits me?
» Applying for an apprenticeship, for example - How do I apply correctly?
» Planning my next career steps - How do I realise my goals?

 move! is a cooperation between Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU), Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (HSD), Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts (HWK), Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the Düsseldorf Employment Agency.

MOVE – Den eigenen Weg finden!

Profile Check XING & LinkedIn

In the XING and LinkedIn profile check, HHU students and graduates receive specific feedback on the content of their profiles. They also receive tips on how they can use them specifically for job searches and self-presentation in a professional context.

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