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Additional Qualification in German as a Foreign Language Module (ZQ DaF)

The module Zusatzqualifikation-DaF can be taken and credited as an interdisciplinary elective module within the framework of the degree programmes at HHU.

It is aimed at German and international students who want to teach German as a foreign language at home or abroad.

The two-semester Zusatzqualifikation consists of a total of three seminars. The introductory seminar takes place every winter semester. The in-depth seminars A and B take place in the following summer semester. Taking the advanced module parts A and B requires completion of the introduction in a previous semester.

The study module ZQ DaF can only be taken as an interdisciplinary elective module for HHU students who are properly enrolled in HHU degree programmes.

The target group is German and foreign students who want to teach German as a foreign language in the context of an activity abroad (e.g., as a DAAD lecturer, language assistant, Goethe Institute lecturer; as a local teacher abroad) or in lessons with young people or adults at non-school institutions in Germany (e.g., Goethe Institutes, VHS and other public institutions, private language schools, etc.).

Basic knowledge of the methodology and didactics of German as a foreign language with regard to the teaching of linguistic knowledge and skills, ability to plan and implement general and specialised language teaching units, taking into account intercultural issues.

Credit for students in the B.A. and M.A. is awarded after proof of active participation (e.g., topic presentation, event protocol) in all events of the module.

Graduates of ZQ DaF can be issued a graded certificate by the field of study if they have participated in a corresponding written performance review in all modules (e.g., written exam, written homework, regular written homework, etc.).

An internship is not part of the module, but it is strongly recommended. The field of study German as a Foreign Language is helpful in finding internships.

To register for the ZQ, the following must be submitted to the DaF Office:

  • Short letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of student ID for the current semester

Please send the above documents in the form of a coherent PDF file and with a meaningful subject to daf@hhu.de. Please note that the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 25 students. If the maximum number of participants is exceeded, the decision will be made by drawing lots.

Application deadline:

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