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Programme in the field of LANGUAGES

The language courses offered are open to all university target groups and are aligned with the language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. All courses are generally creditable and (with the exception of the summer courses) free of charge.

Regularly Enrolled Students

Regularly enrolled students have access to a comprehensive range of general and specialised language courses in over 20 foreign languages, including German as a Foreign Language.

Erasmus Students

Erasmus students can register for any course in the programme. In the German courses or the English courses "English for Erasmus Students," they can acquire two additional points for additional course credits (max.).

International Students (Summer Courses)

International students (also outside ERASMUS) can attend German courses during the summer break. A colorful cultural programme is also offered in addition to the intensive courses. The courses are fee-based, but scholarships are offered as well.

Visiting Researchers

In cooperation with the Junior Scientist and International Researcher Centre (JUNO), language courses are offered exclusively for our visiting researchers.


Geflüchteten, die in Deutschland ein reguläres Studium aufnehmen wollen, werden Deutschsprachkurse angeboten. Dieses Angebot umfasst die Niveaustufen B1 bis C1.

Additional Qualification: German as a Foreign Language

The two-semester additional qualification German as a Foreign Language can be taken and credited as an interdisciplinary elective module. It is aimed at German and international students who want to teach German as a foreign language at home or abroad.

Employees of HHUD

In cooperation with the International Office, we offer our weekly English course "Lunch & Learn" for secretaries at the beginning of each semester. If there are free places, other staff members may also take part in the course.

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