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Languages are the gateway to the world. They teach intercultural competence with the important values of openness, tolerance and respect for diversity. Moreover, in a global world, they are more important than ever for a successful professional life.

The language courses offered are open to all university target groups and are aligned with the language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. All courses are creditable and (with the exception of summer courses) free of charge.

Our offer in the field of "Languages" is intended for the following target groups:

» Regularly Enrolled Students
» Erasmus Studierends
» Internationale Students  (Summer Courses)
» Visiting Researchers
» Refugees
» Additional Qualification: German as a Foreign Language
» Employees of HHUD

Another possibility to acquire a language is offered through our Language Tandem and our International Language Meeting. Here you can learn and have a lot of fun, above all else without any pressure.

» Language Tandem and International Language Meeting


A uniform language level of participants is an important prerequisite for successful language teaching. Therefore, at the beginning of the German courses, as well as the English, French and Spanish courses (with the exception of the A1 or A1.1 courses), placement tests are carried out by means of C-tests. Alternatively, internationally recognised language certificates not older than two years can be presented.  In the German courses, certificates from the pre-course are also accepted.

» C-Test
» Meaning of the classification results (English, French and Spanish courses)
» Self-Classification
» Proof of competence instead of classification

Students and employees of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, as well as external students, can take language examinations with us for a fee, some of which are internationally recognised.

» TestDaF
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