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Language Tandem

Another possibility to acquire a language is offered through our Language Tandem and our International Language Meeting. Here you can learn and have a lot of fun, above all else without any pressure.

Language Tandem

In a language tandem, two participants teach each other their respective mother tongues without pressure and with free time allocation. We will help you find your language partner.

You have found your tandem partner. How do you proceed from here?

Here are three tips to make language learning in tandem a success.

1. Meet regularly - preferably once a week at a fixed time.

2. Discuss your language learning goals with each other. Do you want to improve your colloquial language skills or learn specific technical terms? Or do you want to lose your inhibitions and speak freely in the foreign language? In this way you will achieve success much more quickly.

3. The most important thing: Have fun! Avoid pressure or coercion during a language tandem. Correcting each other is important, but always meet at the same eye level. After all, everyone is nervous when using a foreign language. Benefit from each other's language experience with patience and humour.

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