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The Students Academy is a central institution of the HHU, which offers a wide range of courses and consulting services around key competencies. The program of the Students Academy is divided into the following four competence areas:

» Career
» Interdisciplinary Studies
» Soft & Study Skills
» Languages

From this portfolio, students can take courses according to their own interests and preferences to broaden their horizons outside of their own subject area and additionally fill the interdisciplinary elective area of their studies.

The course and consulting services of the four areas of competence are provided by the various departments of the Students Academy (Language Center, German as a Foreign Language, General Studies & KUBUS and Career Service) and are always up-to-date and tailored to the needs of the students.

ith the introduction of the competence areas, the offer for students has been restructured and is intended to provide students with a better orientation based on the content. In addition, the departments KUBUS (Berufs- und Praxisorientierung) and Zentrum Studium Universale have merged to form a department called Studium Universale & KUBUS (General Studies & KUBUS). However, this does not mean a reduction in the number of courses offered.

Every student enrolled at the HHU can take advantage of the services of the Students Academy. In addition, guest students or foreign students can also take advantage of what the Students Academy has to offer, for example in the form of the Erasmus program. If you are not sure whether you are entitled to take a course, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

» Office hours of the Students Academy

The courses of the Students Academy are generally credited individually. Thus, students can individually put together their own combination of courses that they need for their interdisciplinary compulsory elective courses.

An exception is the KUBUS module in the Bachelor's programs of the Faculty of Philosophy. In these programs of study, students must complete the module, which consists of three module parts, in its entirety in order to receive the corresponding credit (6 CP). Further information about the KUBUS module can be found on our information page Career.

The crediting of individual courses depends on the type of course as well as the planned scope (the semester hours per week/SWS) of the course. Between one and four credit points can be earned depending on the type of course. For information on the crediting of the courses of the Students Academy for your interdisciplinary elective course, please refer to the respective examination regulations of your course of study. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact your department.


Together with KUBUS (Berufs- und Praxisorientierung), Studium Universale (General Studies) forms a department of the Students Academy. The courses of the Studium Universale center can be found in the competence area Interdisciplinary Studies. Students can use the courses from this area and the entire offer of the Students Academy in order to fill the interdisciplinary compulsory elective area given by their course of studies. The offer of the Students Academy is thus a component of the entire offer of the HHU for the filling of the interdisciplinary compulsory elective area.

If you have any questions regarding the crediting of our courses for your interdisciplinary elective course, please contact your department.

In the online course catalog HIS-LSF of the HHU you will find the tab "Students Academy" next to the faculties, which will lead you to the current courses of the respective areas of competence. In addition to information on the current courses, you will also find the possibility of booking the course for your timetable. To do so, you have to click on the button "anmelden/abmelden" for the respective courses in order to register for it or, if necessary, to deregister.

Typically, the basic prerequisite for passing a course is first of all participation, i.e. regular attendance and active collaboration in the course. In addition to this, the student has to make a written or oral contribution, possibly in the form of a written exam. For exact details on the requirements for obtaining a certificate of participation, please refer to the respective course description in the online course catalog HIS-LSF.


Yes, you will find an overview of our accreditable and certifiable services on the following information page.


Currently, proof of participation and certificates can only be sent by post. To receive them, please contact the relevant department by phone or e-mail. To find out which department is responsible for your chosen course, please refer to the course description in the online course catalog HIS-LSF.

You will find our contact details on the following pages:

» Career
» Interdisciplinary Studies
» Soft & Study Skills
» Languages
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