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Welcome to the Student Academy!

The Student Academy (Studierendenakademie) offers a wide variety of interdisciplinary options that enable students to look beyond their own course of study.

This helps them both expand their academic focus and identify their career orientation. Alongside their studies, students can acquire additional work-related qualifications and key skills that will ease the transition from university to professional life.

To students from abroad:

For detailed information concerning studies and services at Heinrich-Heine-University, please refer to the University's undefinedInternational Office.

Student Academy

Universitaetsstrasse 1
40225 Duesseldorf

Building 25.13
Level 00

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Prof. Dr. Georg Pretzler

Phone +49 211 81-13884

Managing Director

Dominique Brasseur M.A.

Phone +49 211 81-13051

Managing Director

Christian Consten-Vits M. A.

Phone +49 211 81-12224
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