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The Student Academy (Studierendenakademie) is a central academic unit of the HHU which links courses of study across the faculties. It encourages the interdisciplinary education of students from all faculties, while at the same time providing the possibility of gaining additional qualifications and key skills within the framework of the electives that form part of most degree courses.

The Academy consists of five departments: General Studies Centre (Zentrum Studium Universale), Career and Vocational Guidance (Karriere- und Berufsorientierung), Career Service, German as a Foreign Language (Studiengebiet Deutsch als Fremdsprache) and the Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum).

  • The undefinedGeneral Studies Centre (Zentrum Studium Universale) organises a wide range of specialised and general courses in the university and in the city, as well as lecture series, periodic academies, series of talks and discussion meetings on important questions and topics of public interest.

  • The undefinedDepartment German as a Foreign Language (Studiengebiet Deutsch als Fremdsprache) provides German language courses at all levels for students with a foreign native language, placement tests and language certificates, as well as a teaching qualification programme for German as a Foreign Language (Zusatzqualifikation Deutsch als Fremdsprache).

  • The undefinedLanguage Centre (Sprachenzentrum) offers general language courses at various levels, as well as specialised courses for particular subjects, its programme covering some 20 foreign languages. It also issues language certificates to students from all faculties.

  • The undefinedCareer and Vocational Guidance Service (Karriere- und Berufsorientierung) has a wide range of workshops, seminars and modules on key qualifications with a focus on starting work and prospective vocational fields.

  • The undefinedCareer Service offers advice on choosing a career and, in collaboration with companies, enables skills to be acquired in the framework of workshops, training courses; seminars and presentations. It also advertises jobs on Jobportal.

Student Academy

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